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With a face wash tablet! Our Face Gem has ONLY 3 all natural ingredients .

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introducing face gems

We believe your skin care routine shouldn't change depending on where life takes you. Face Gems, perfected for the guy or girl on-the-go, are made up of three all-natural ingredients to help keep your skin clean, moisturized and protected.

Face Gems are offered via a monthly subscription, a
60-tablet trial or 10-tablet jet-setter pack.

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After a poor reaction as a teenager to a generic face wash product, I decided to make a change. Through my curiosity, research and testing, I developed Face Gems as my go-to product, along with the cleansing routine I've trusted ever since!

  • simple
  • pure
  • portable

simple product

We believe no matter your skin type, all your face needs is cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. You're thinking "Every skin type? No way." Yes way! We like to keep it simple for you and your skin.

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pure ingredients

We all get nervous about how certain face washes will impact our skin, so it's important that you can trust our ingredients. Gentle enough for all skin types, Face Gems contain three specific, natural ingredients: Fuller's Earth, Sandalwood, and Corn Starch. That's it! We also use zero additives, preservatives and perfumes* which prevents water pollution. So much so that the United Nations recognized us for our environmentally friendly ingredients. So just as the ingredients are fed from pure water, your face is fed with pure ingredients.

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*We use less than 2% silicon dioxide to facilitate manufacturing.

portable & easy

Why a tablet? Wrapped in single-serve, liquid-free packets that are fresh every time, Face Gems go wherever you go. Whether it's yoga class or a hike up Machu Pichu, Face Gems ensure a consistent face wash routine. Also no more worrying about liquid cleanser spills!

How to Use?


  • the gym
  • camping
  • road trips
  • vacations
  • anywhere

Jet-Setter Pack

10 tablets


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Monthly Pack

60 tablets


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Monthly Pack

60 tablets

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